What is kivra in sweden?


  1. What is kivra in sweden?
  2. How to login to kivra?
  3. Is kivra safe?
  4. Who owns Kivra?

What is kivra in sweden?

Kivra is a digital mailbox for important letters and invoices. You can also receive receipts and payslips, one-click pay invoices. And more.

How to login to kivra?

Learn how to log in on a computer, using your Mobile BankID.
  1. Log in page. Go to kivra.se on your computer and click “Log in”.
  2. Start Mobile BankID. Open the app Mobile BankID where you have it installed. ...
  3. Sign with security code. When the QR-code has been scanned, you will be asked to enter your security code. ...
  4. Done!

Is kivra safe?

Secure. Kivra is considerably safer than paper mail. All data is encrypted and safely stored. You, and you only, can access your account using Mobile BankID.

Who owns Kivra?

Kivra is a private corporation, owned by 41an Invest (Karl-Johan Persson and Stefan Krook), FAM (The Wallenberg Foundations), the company board, and the employees.