What is BBTools?


  1. What is BBTools?
  2. How do I install BBTools?
  3. How do I install BBMap?

What is BBTools?

BBTools is a suite of fast, multithreaded bioinformatics tools designed for analysis of DNA and RNA sequence data. BBTools can handle common sequencing file formats such as fastq, fasta, sam, scarf, fasta+qual, compressed or raw, with autodetection of quality encoding and interleaving.

How do I install BBTools?

To install BBTools, download the latest version and extract the contents to your installation folder on the computer. To run BBTools, you need to have Java 7 or higher installed on the computer. For more information on the tools you can refer to the user guide in the bbmap/docs folder.

How do I install BBMap?

Installing BBMap
  1. # Pick the location for install: cd $HOME # Extract BBMap (extracts to directory 'bbmap') tar xzf BBMap_XX.XX.tar.gz. Add it to your PATH:
  2. export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bbmap. On Mac OS X, you'll also need to set JAVA_HOME:
  3. export JAVA_HOME=`/usr/libexec/java_home` Note that BBMap requires Java 7.